Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Do you have Low Testosterone (hypogonadism)? You may be eligible to participate in a research study on the effects of a topical testosterone replacement therapy on men who have or are at risk for heart disease or stroke.

You may be eligible to take part in this study if you:

  • Have symptoms of Low Testosterone (hypogonadism) such as: low energy, lack of sexual desire, low or depressed mood, loss of hair, decreased spontaneous erections, or hot flashes.
  • Have or are at risk for heart disease (such as: High Blood Pressure, Current Smoker, High Cholesterol, Diabetes etc.), or stroke
  • Are between the ages of 45-80

Qualified participants will receive study required medical care from a doctor, lab tests and might be eligible for some compensation.

Study Details

Age Range: 45 – 80
Length of Study: Up to 5 years
Number of Visits: approximately 16 visits and 9 phone calls